NAC OSCE  Exam Preparation Course


At Sure Success we offer the most extensive NAC OSCE Preparation Course in Canada. You can boost your NAC OSCE score and skill set with live online sessions via zoom. NAC OSCE Preparation Course at Sure Success includes video recording of all classes which you can keep until your test date. Our NAC OSCE Preparation course lets you practice with mock tests, cases with SPs as well as post-encounter critical feedback, course materials, and practice sessions to enhance your NAC OSCE skill set. Prospective students of NAC OSCE Preparation course are invited to attend 2 classes – FREE of charge!...No obligation.  

The forthcoming 2021 NAC OSCE exam will be offered “in-person'' in October 2021 to all IMGs who have already registered on or before June 11, 2021. The “virtual” NAC OSCE exam will no longer be offered.

Online NAC OSCE preparation course is offered via Zoom, allowing our students to stay connected regardless of whether they are in Mississauga, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa or any part of Canada.

During the NAC OSCE exam each candidate needs to spend 11 minutes each on 10-12 virtual stations with a standardized patient (SP) and examiner. We provide feedback on your performance and preparation, tips to improve time-management, other skill sets and test scoring.

NAC OSCE is required for all International Medical Graduates (IMGs) before they can apply for residency in Canada. NAC OSCE tests IMG’s skills in 10-12 mock exams in a single day using standardized patient (SP) who present conditions requiring a diagnosis, history taking skills, as well as counselling. NAC OSCE is usually held twice every year in March and September.

We create an environment that is as close to the real NAC OSCE exam setting as possible including experienced, high-scoring SPs, examination tables, necessary tools, x-ray images, instructor evaluations and more. We work with you to enhance your skills in multiple areas such as communication, organization, history taking, data interpretation, language fluency, physical examinations, investigations, diagnosis and treatment plan and management.

At Sure Success we practice “virtual” verbal physical exams as per current COVID guidelines. We cover and practice diagnosis, history taking skills, empathy, counseling, post-encounter questions and discussions, and how to take verbal physical exams, all according to up-to-date Canadian guidelines.

Students practice basic bedside manners and how to interview SPs while maintaining Canadian Ethical standards and the required confidentiality.

We also focus on body language, physician approach, effective communication with patients, physical examinations, timing and sequencing of history. We assist to prepare scripts and practice high yield clinical scenarios for the NAC OSCE Exam. We also hold focused strategy sessions and frequent mock examination sessions in small groups (6-8 physicians per group). 

The most common error those who are preparing for NAC OSCE do is that they study for it as if it is a college course, i.e., on their own. But studies have shown that the more sense perceptions are involved in learning, the better is the outcome because your memory tends to retain the acquired concepts longer compared to when only reading and comprehension are used.

When you study on your own, you tend to only read and remember the concepts; whereas with us, you not only read but will have a chance to practice i.e., speaking as well as listening, taking notes, learning current guidelines as well as sharing notes with your peers. On top of that, all of our lectures are recorded, and you may keep them until your exam date, watch as many times as you like. And you don’t have to record them, we will record and send you the recorded video to your Google Drive, that way you can also save the disc space in your computer. 

NAC OSCE Lecture Highlights

Highly interactive, patient-focused learning environment - whether you attend online or in-person.

All materials are in accordance with the most up-to-date Canadian guidelines.

Practical hands-on experience through a Standardized Patient (SP) class component.

Mock exam sessions and post-encounter questions preparation.

Cutting-edge software and technology including studio mics to ensure voice clarity during lectures.

NAC OSCE Preparation course at any time 

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 Course Structure

NAC OSCE Exam Course

No prior study is required. We will help you understand, retain, and practically apply your knowledge so that you are prepared for the
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All coursework is taught by practicing physicians & residents

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